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Don’t Follow for Comfort

What do you think you will get from following Jesus? BE careful. There is a dangerous false teaching out there that would say to people that, if…

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Simple Depth in Glorious Doctrine

Sometimes the simplest of doctrines are the ones we need to remember most. IN churches like the one I serve, there are always folks who are interested…

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Surprised by Judgment

A read through the New Testament repeatedly puts into our minds an eternal perspective. New Testament authors are constantly calling the church to look to the future,…

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Take the First Step

You’ve been hurt. Somebody has done you wrong. Maybe it is a big deal. Maybe it is something seemingly smaller. What should you do? You know that…

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Teaching Afflication

God is Not Embarrassed

What If It’s True – A thought on Exclusivity

People are often surprised when a Christian is honest enough to declare that Jesus is the only way of salvation. You can see it in their faces…

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Is Micah Calling for Social Justice?

We live in quite a broken society. I think we all know this already. Even among believers, there is great conflict regarding issues of racial tensions, past…

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The Backwardness of Sin

I wonder sometimes if we, as Christians, truly grasp what happens to the human mind that is captivated by sin. I think, theologically, we can speak true…

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Children of God

Who is a child of God? All human beings are created by God, in God’s image, and for God’s glory. But this is not the same as…

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